Late Morning

So it’s 2 o’clock and I’m saying Good Morning 😀

I awoke around 12:30 to my phone ringing and stayed in bed a bit longer after that.  Happy Sunday!  Since it was so late I decided why not have lunch for breakfast?  I ended up polishing off the rest of a Thai salad I had in the fridge, not picture worthy if I might add.

And now I am snacking on cereal and reading for a bit.  This kind of down time does not come often and I’m making the most of it.

Out of all the skills and talents in the world I would say I’ve got snacking down pact.

Snack, Nosh, Nibble, Munch, Graze, the possibilities ARE endless!

I will not lie I can survive solely on snacks.  I try not to, but how easy is it to find your self going through the day on small amounts of this and that all day?


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