Let the Blogging Begin!

So I have finally had a free night and am so excited to get this thing going!

I have been wanting to start this for awhile now and am trying to actually accomplish all the things on my to-do list, i’d say that’s a pretty good goal, no?

What is SohdaLex?  It is actually the nickname my mother gave to me as a child and it just stuck ever since.  We would always joke that if I ever went out in the world and created something this is what I would call it, 🙂 so here it is.

The main reason I wanted to start this blog is for my upcoming trip to Southern France, where eating, food, traveling, and just all over good-ness will be happening in abundance.  But I also am looking forward to taking it beyond this trip and have it be a place where I can put to good use my love for food, travel, and life.

I have no photos from today, but believe me tomorrow I will be on it.

Today was my first time experimenting with fruit in my ‘green monster.’  I always use frozen bananas, again and again and again.  BUT today I pulled out some frozen strawberries and decided on half and half.  Let me just say it was AMAZING, I can’t wait to throw more in next time.

Well good-night and I look forward to a happy relationship here on SohdaLex.


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