Long Day

I woke up this morning and made a kale green monster as planned.  Excited for the refreshing burst of energy I usually get after breakfast I found myself crawling back into bed until ten minutes before I had to leave for work.  Smoooooth.  The GM still turned out well though 🙂

Today was a long day at the internship, I’m getting a lot of insight into this career field to say the least.  I just don’t know how people sit in a chair all day!  I’ve read the bad effects sitting in a chair all day 5 days a week can have and am kinda freaked out.  Maybe I’ll invest in bicycle pedals for under my desk, so I’ll always be moving while working 😀  . . . . . do these even exist?   hmmmm.

For lunch I went to this restaurant called Metro Fresh .  This place is SO good, and really fresh.  Their menu changes daily, always a good sign.  Today I had a cup of chilled mint cucumber soup [AMAZING], asian chicken salad, and a multi-grain role.  So this was a first for taking photos of my food at work and it was a little awkward.  Has anyone else ever had that problem?  So I took a quick snap shot and put my camera away. :-O

Before leaving I had an amazing pear.  I left it in the fridge all morning so it was cold and amazing, something about chilled fruit is godly.

Finally back and it was a peanut butter chocolate chip larabar.  Have you tried one yet??? DOOOO IT.  Then 45 mins at the gym.  Dinner was another lovely bowl of soup.  I mixed it up tonight with carrot black bean.  SPICY 😉  A few cushed rice crackers on top and I was set to go.

Tonight I am fully immersed in the 3rd book of the Outlander series, despite the other projects piling up.

Have you ever not taken pictures of something in a nontraditional setting for fear what people would think of you?



  1. I can’t see myself sitting down for extended periods of time either. I’ve heard some people invest in a treadmill that’s set up in their office where they can attach a laptop to it. Sounds crazy, but I could totally see myself doing that…haha. 😉

    Lovin’ that green monster!

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