Razz Soft Serve is a PARTY in My Mouth [!]

Happy Thursday 😉

So for Days now I have been craving some over night oats with soft serve.  To my great delight while preparing the oats last night I found I had only ‘8’ raspberries and a tiny piece of banana in my freezer.  😦      Why does this happen to me?  Frozen bananas are one of things you ALWAYS have on hand no matter what.  You have to throw them away sometimes because thats how many you have building up in there.  Nope, I was down to the bare minimum.  Surprisingly though the small amount of soft serve [the 8 raspberries and piece of banana blended together with a splash of milk] turned out to be enough to go with my oats.  The world is at peace once more.  😀

For my oats I used:

1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1/2 cup coconut milk kefir
dash of salt
lots of cinnamon
1 tbsp chia seeds
some dried cranberries.
topped with shredded coconut and cacao nibs

This was my first time trying the coconut milk kefir and it was mind blowing.  I couldn’t get over it.  If you love coconut this stuff is a drug, a gift from the gods.  It will now be a permanent resident of my refrigerator.  Coconut milk kefir – I love you.  This was also a first for using raspberries in my soft serve, this my friends was a party in my mouth.  Angels were singing as I unscrewed the cup from the blender and I was speechless.  Everything from the smell to the color was amazing.

Needless to say good breakfast.  If you like coconut/raspberries you should try this combo hands down.

For Lunch today I had the pleasure of meeting some family at a restaurant called  R. Thomas.  This Place is so awesome their menu accommodates meat lovers and vegetarians alike!  They also had a few raw options, along with a juice and smoothie menu.  What is not to like?  You eat in this huge tent type structure with crazy colors and lights and plants everywhere!  They even have tons of exotic birds on the side of the restaurant.  Crazy.  I ordered the wild caught seared ahi tuna salad … and of course took a picture half way through eating it.  😉
We also got 3 desserts and split them amongst the 7 of us.  Key lime pie, chocolate peanut butter pie, and my FAV banana chocolate chip cake.  By the time I got my camera out this is what was left B-)

One thing family equals is really good food and lots of it!

This place had these huge mirrors on the ceiling in the bathroom.  Sis and I couldn’t resist.  ❤

After lunch it was back to work, before meeting with the fam again a second and last time for Italian.  I made the mistake of thinking I had enough time to stop at the store beforehand which resulted in a very frantic driving episode.  But I bought more bananas 🙂  The trip was not in vain.  Along with some amazing looking raspberries for more soft serve and peaches and spinach to boot.  The food was really good, there was lots of bread, olive oil, dips, wine and what not passed around before a bowl of mushroom, caramelized onion pasta.  Again late with the pictures, I am getting better.

It was a good time.  Then it was racing off to dance.  Every Monday and Wednesday I do swing dancing for about 3 hours.  Wednesday I have the treat of a live blues/swing band that is great and makes the experience a worth while one, dancing or no.

Do you have a passion that gets you through the day?  For me its dance I live breath and eat it at times 😉


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