– Sweet Potato Fries –

I slept horribly last night :/

My stomach was not agreeing with something I ate yesterday, or maybe it was the combination.  Wish I knew so I don’t do it again….

B-fast this morning was something fast because I woke up late again.  So into a bowl went some coconut milk kefir, a chopped banana, and some Udi’s granola.  This granola is realllllly good, my Uncle brought me back this bag from Colorado and I’m savoring it 😉

I ended up meeting the fam again at the last minute for lunch where I had a black bean burger and sweet potato fries.  🙂  No matter where I am if sweet potatoes are on the menu, in any form, the chances are pretty very high that I’ll order them 😉

It was blackbean-mazing to say the least.

OHHHHHHHHH the Glory of the Sweet Potato Fries …

In my sleep deprived state I planned on coming back home and just going to sleep.  Instead I read a bit, Outlander series – I’m addicted right now, had a large apple with peanut butter and a bit more granola.

By some crazy act of god I was completely energized after this……Maybe it was the peanut butter, I’m gonna have to watch that stuff 😉

So I went to the ‘mini’ gym downstairs for about 40 mins.  Story of my life:  I was not even on a machine 60 seconds when the plastic shell covering on the side just falls off to the floor.  This was a HUGE piece of plastic.  I just stared at it.  Picked up my stuff.  And moved to next machine like nothing happened.  Haha.  Yeahhh.

What are some of your favorite go too energy foods?  Peanut butter, it’ll never get old. 😀


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  1. thats my bini. . . .. is it reality or just a thought???? hm m m m m m lets just move on and think about it later!! ;*

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