Green Monster :)

It’s the weekend……..Finally!

I have not been sleeping enough this week, going to bed between 2 and 3 am then rising at 8 makes for a very grumpy, sleep deprived girl.  This morning I remedied what I could with a green monster 😀

This was the best green monster I’ve had in a while 😉

1 tbsp chia seeds
lots of cinnamon
handfulls of fresh spinach (whatever is your fancy)
1 frozen banana
large spoonful of peanut butter
almond milk, I ran short so I subbed some coconut milk kefir 🙂

This was so good, spinach GM’s are definitely my favorite so far.

Lunch was one of Moe’s new tofu veggie bowls.  It was good, though I still prefer chipotle.  And my camera evaded me!  oops :/

I started work on a video today for maestro, I’m excited to have new stuff for my site!

Dinner was with the fam, again!  My Aunt and Uncle own a Mediterranean restaurant about 20 mins from me, and it’s REALLY good.  It’s called Cafe Sababa and this wasn’t my first time there 😉

I ordered the Greek salad: Romaine with cucumber, tomatoes, Israeli olives, chick peas, feta cheese herbs, onions ………. and freshly mad Falafel!!!! Hot and fresh, straight from the kitchen.  It was divine.  I spent about two weeks in Israel 2 yrs ago and had some amazing Falafel, nothing in the States has ever come close.  Except these.  They were that good.

This was followed with warm pita, homemade hummus, and baklava.

and now SLEEP.  Thank the lord high above for sleeping in.



  1. Im a green monster when i dont get enough sleep. The food looks good, for some ODD reason i think, I THInk i might just maybe miss you

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