Can’t Sleep + Dancing = ?

So I think my sloth-like habits this past weekend had a bad effect on my attempts for normal sleeping habits 😦  I tossed and turned and finally fell into an uneasy sleep for about 4 hours before work.  Let’s just say my productivity levels were less then par.  Before I embarked on my night of restless-ness I made some overnight…..muesli!

This was my first time using muesli and I love the different grain and dried fruit combinations.

Over night Muesli:
1/2 cup raw muesli
1 cup coconut milk kefir
splash of vanilla extract
lots of cinnamon [you can’t have to much 😉 ]
topped with a sliced frozen banana
Mix everything but the banana in a bowl and leave in the fridge overnight.  Top with sliced frozen banana in the morning right before eating.  ***Note – next time I think I’m going to add a spoonful of honey/agave/maple syrup, what have you for an extra sweet kick.

Can you tell how outofit tired I was!  I was to lazy to make banana soft serve so I just sliced it up and threw it on top.  Still nicely refreshing though.

For lunch today I tried out a tempeh hoagie.  On whole wheat bread with marinated tempeh, grilled onions and peppers, feta cheese, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes.  It was a magical sandwich, which apart from hitting the lunch-time spot now has me hankering for tempeh.

By the end of the work day I was dragging.  Couldn’t concentrate on anything!  It is crazy, you never realize how much your body needs rest to operate properly until you deprive it.  I am trying to set daily/weekly goals for myself.  One of which is going to be no matter how good the book is GO TO SLEEP.  Let’s see if it works.

As an afternoon snack I had one of the trader joe’s dried fruit bars.  I have mixed feelings about these bars, they tend to be on the tough and hard side instead of the moist and chewy side like I’ve experienced with other brands.  Anyone have a favorite fruit leather brand?? There are so many out there now.

Monday Night is Swing Dancing night, and my Aunt decided to come with me!  We met for dinner first at this mexican restaurant right down the street from the dance venue.  Chips, salsa, and a house special – spanish vegetable curry spice hot pot.  It was REALLY good 🙂 hot yellow spanish rice with zucchini, squash, onions, mushrooms, red pepper, peas, artichoke hearts, and greek olives [odd, but good]  You will be hard pressed to find an olive I didn’t like.  All of this was served in the pot it was cooked in, always a cool touch, and loved the hints of curry spice.

After this we headed to Swing and it was packed!!!  More people were there tonight then have been all summer.  Dancing has to be the biggest release ever.  You forget about everything that is bothering you and let it all out on the floor.

I though I would start sharing some of my favorite old-time swing videos.  This one is from hellzapoppin – 1941.  Only difference between then and dancing now is way less arials [girls being thrown in the air]  that takes a LOT of trust 😮


What passion/hobby do you have to relieve the daily stresses of life…running, dancing, reading….??

ALSO – what do you do to combat restless-ness?


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