Granola Morning

I am sticking to my goal of less reading/more sleeping this week.  Problem – I’m still not getting into bed early enough due to non reading business.  Never fails I guess.  Next week…I’ll catch up on sleep then 🙂  I didn’t even have time to get on here yesterday but breakfast was a good one.  Trader Joe’s honey greek yogurt was a blessing to a time-crunched morning.  Topped with almond butter and Udi’s granola I was ready to start the day.

I wish I could share crazy fun adventures that occur between meals, but I am sitting in front of a computer.  The epitome of non-excitedness.  I have been on a brain freeze lately concerning my most recent project which doesn’t help matters.  One thing I can say, however, was how awesome lunch was.  I picked up this frozen meal from trader joe’s and was excited to give it a whirl.

*Note – I am sans kitchen this summer and doing the best I can with only a fridge and blender at my disposal.  I usually am not a fan of frozen meals, I find them to be rather bland and watery.  This was AMAZING though.  I was quite surprised.

The sauce was so flavorful and spicy, rice was fluffy and perfect.  I was in shock, definitely getting again.  This is a combination not to miss out on.

Paired with an ice cold organic carrot juice and I was set. 🙂 🙂

After work was a combo of racing around, with a peanut butter chocolate chip larabar, best new flavor!  And fighting my was through a 20 min monsoon.  One minute a perfectly fine sunny afternoon, then right as I begin to look for parking a complete downpour.  I found the smallest umbrella known to mankind in the car and made my way through streets with literal flowing rivers on either side, to meet a friend for dinner.  I became stranded at the end of the last street and found myself with no other choice but to walk straight through an ankle deep puddle.  Non-water canvas shoes and all.  This made for a rather delightful mood I assure you.

Dinner was a slice of fresh spinach, mushroom, and black olive pizza.  It was amazing as you can see from the picture.  I was in such a distracted/I’m soaking wet daze that my mind overlooked the need to take pictures 😮

Let’s hope tomorrow is a tad more dry!

Wednesday is dancing – 😀

Question:  What extreme weather conditions have you been caught in lately?



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