Banana Sandwich [wrap]

Banana.  Sandwich.  I mean wrap.

I don’t know why I haven’t tried one of these before..but have no fear, I am now on the flat banana bandwagon.  While perusing the grocery store isles the other day [I proudly admit that this is a favorite pastime of mine.  No shame]  I was glancing at dried fruit:  raisins, cranberries, apricots….and saw these. They are almost like banana tortillas.  Filled with creamy peanut butter and broken up pieces of salty dark chocolate.  A little dance was being done for this to say the least.

So this is my last weekend in Atlanta.  A friend of mine arrives wednesday evening.  I pack up.  And am then off for a quick hiking escapade in North Carolina before finally going home.  Needless to say there is a lot to be done and not much time for it to be done in.  The fact that I’m doing all this and leaving myself about a week to prepare for my 3 month stay in southern France should be a true adventure.

Number one on my to-do list is finishing a painting commission – from the moment I awoke I painted.  Painted.  Painted.  I didn’t leave my tiny room till 6 o’clock.  To not see sunlight or breathe fresh air till this time of day is criminal.  Ahhh.  Only a few more days…..


What’s your best solution to deal with stress/pressure/work-overload?



  1. Best solution for stress/pressure/work-overload? Dance!

    But in the midst of working, I take 5 minute breaks to clear my head — and I don’t mean 5 minute ‘off topic but still thinking about my work’ breaks, I mean 5 minute ‘get out of the environment I’m working in’ breaks. It could mean going outside for fresh air, or just grabbing a snack.

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