Things are coming to a close here.  My borrowed mini fridge will go back to its original owner today.  It has allowed for my survival of a kitchen-less summer and I am grateful.  I won’t have any fun and creative recipes to experiment with and post until I arrive back home on the 31st.  My parents are going to be so excited for my short 9 day stay that I will most likely be bound to a chair in their living room the entire time.  But I’m sure I’ll find a way on here somehow.

The past two days have been a whirl-wind of crazy.  I received my first ever…… Black.  Eye.  I named him, my black eye is a him by the way, Joe.  Since I’ll be looking at it for a while.  How did this come about?  Dancing.  One of the few things I enjoy most in the world, and I take an elbow to the face.  It’ll be scary but I should manage to get back on the floor eventually.

Have you ever been injured doing something you love?  ..running, biking, etc… How did you manage to get back into your old swing of things….

This Friday should hopefully bring everything back to normal as I’m off to the lovely mountains of North Carolina.  With out a doubt, one of my favorite places in the world.  As you enter the mountains the ac always goes off and the windows down.  The mountain air is so sweet I try my hardest to drink it.  If I could only bottle the stuff – all my money problems would be over.

Here is to a few days of lake side bliss + hiking.

[all of these photos are from my last visit to this magical place]




  1. Oh no, hope your eye gets better! (I got injured running, never quite got back b/c it was a permanent injury! But went to other activities instead :)). Those are lovely photos!

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