In Lacoste! and a trip to Apt

No sleep, a croissant, and 3 plane rides later I arrived at the Marseilles airport.  My luggage, thank the airplane gods, arrived with me in Marseille.  2 bags from the group were still in paris and one still in Florida.  It is always a gamble.  An hour and a quarter later and a bus through the unreal country side I was at Lacoste…

Lacoste is a medieval city consisting of only 300 residents, including the college.  It looks the same way it did hundreds of years ago.  Small stone cottages and cobble stone streets.  Steep cobble stone streets.  The people of the past that lived here must of all had one thing in common……..awesome backsides.  Which I hope to also acquire after three months of attempting to survive the roads here 😉

The chateau looks out over the whole valley, and a few other towns.

Quite a magical place, I absolutely love it here.

The building on the right is where I’m staying.

Saturday morning we went to the open market in the nearby town, Apt.

Beautiful baked goods, unbelievable produce.


My first macaroon from a street vendor.  French vanilla.  So Sweet.


& cheese ~

Be back soon ❤



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