sandwichs the size of my thigh

So I have been in France now….3 full days…

And I have eaten a baguette and Brie sandwich the length of my upper leg.

On an ancient stone bridge

Rented a bike and kicked my a*d%jfb on the hilly roads.  But came upon beautiful ruins and water stops.

fell in love with blue painted doors with door-knobs in the center

Noticed the abundance of pigeons.  Especially outside the bedroom window.  They are EVERYWHERE here.

Decided I would like to grow my own olives one day

Hiked past lovely vineyards bursting with grapes…….harvest season is fast approaching…

Saw spectacular views of the local farms and vineyards from a trail going around the city



  1. Oh my, I thought the photos couldn’t possibly get lovelier…and here we are! I think I’m going to enjoy the next 3 months (vicariously & immensely :)) – merci beaucoup!

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