Menerbes Deux

So I couldn’t get enough of the city Menerbes that I decided to go back for a 2nd run through of the place.  Truth be told… it is nice to kill two birds with one stone.  For while walking to Menerbes results in seeing a beautiful town it also results in 9 miles of hilly exercise.  Cha-ching.  If only everything were this easy.

We ended up going further into the village and walked all the way to the top.  The view was SPECtacular.  You could see for miles and miles.

At the top of Menerbes is a really old church.  There were paths leading around the church down the mountain.  We followed century old cobblestones around a beautiful forest.  It was surreal to walk on such history.  A lot of people are still buried in the town walls.  A definite spirit about the place to say the least.

~ Goat Cheese ~    [<3]

Instead of the elaborate sign-age that most towns in America have for when you are leaving or entering an area, the ones here are very simple.  It is just the name of the city with a red line through it.  Took me awhile to get used to these.



  1. I’ve heard so much about Nimes and these are lovely! I love how your photos always have a somewhat dreamy but documentary effect. (And that is pretty amazing about the no-guard-rails!)

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