~ Nimes ~

This weekend has been a busy one.  The highlight…… Nimes, France.

In Nimes the first thing we visited was Les Arenes.  The elliptical Roman amphitheatre is from the first or second century AD and is the best-preserved Roman arena in France.  It used to be filled with medieval housing when its walls served as ramparts, but these were cleared out by Napoleon.  It is still used today as a bull fighting and concert arena.

This place was absolutely stunning.

The views from the top were spectacular.

BUT there were NO guard rails.  If the wind blew the wrong way you would be a goner.

After the arena we walked over to the contemporary art museum.

The Carre d’art houses a museum of contemporary art and the city’s library.

Afterwards we made our way over to the first cafe in sight……pizza it was 😉

We chose a table outside because the weather was nice.  What we didn’t realize was that cars drove down the small alleyway all the tables were set up on….coming within an inch of our chairs.  A lively meal to say the least.

The pizza well made-up for the side-walk traffic.  Fromage du champignons.

And four cheese.

The crust here is so thin and amazing.

More of Nimes to come!

What is your favorite type of pizza crusts?



  1. thanks for you comment on squirrel bread. i’m glad it led me to your beautiful site — such gorgeous photos! furthering my wanderlust indeed. my fiancee and i always attempt to make our pizza crust that thin, though rarely do we succeed. we do love that cracker-y crisp crunch!



    • Thanks Heather! ~ I love that same type of crust as well, their is nothing better then a perfectly crispy thin pizza crust. All the French pizza’s here have that crispy cracker crust that tastes so fresh it blows your mind. It’ll be a goal of mine when I get back home to re-create it and I’ll let you know of any successes 😉


  2. city looks wonderful, comming to see matador tomas. it looks as if we will have a good time. boyd faires, houston,tx

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