Nimes Part Deux

I definitely could have used more then one day in Nimes.  Just the name in itself brings a sense of magic to the air.  You feel like you are stepping back in time, yet the city has a modern flare.  After lunch we aimlessly walked the streets, with no specific destination in mind, just soaking it all in.

Such CUTE window displays

That large black building was a mall.  The top stories were normal shops and the lower floor was an open market complete with produce and fish stand.

We spotted this stand from across the street and decided we were way overdue for some ice cream.

The flavor you see below is called American Cookie ice cream.  It was REALLY good.  I guess in the states we say French vanilla…….But I am seriously curious……what makes this specific cookie American…..

Some things I may never find out the answers too…

After stumbling across this fountain, that you could walk through by the way, we found ourselves in front of the denim museum.  Did you know that denim was invented in Nimes?  I had no idea.  No photography was allowed inside but this place was pretty cool.  They had all of these showcases of jeans and old advertisements and videos.  If in the area you should check it out.

A rotating gelato stand.

One of these should be installed in my future dream kitchen.

Candied fruits.  Actual candied fruits.



framboise [raspberry]

Gorgeous architecture.

Farewell Nimes, you greatly surpassed expectations. 🙂



  1. I feel like I just had a perfectly meandering walk as well, thanks for spoiling us with all this Nimes goodness 🙂 I also love that about the denim museum (I felt the same when learning of a jello museum in NY) – and now I’m very curious about the American cookie. (The big nerd in me wants to google it!)

    Looking forward to more (oh, I had a good chuckle at your French chocolate boat comment!)

    • Thanks! 🙂 So there is a jello museum in ny?? I will HAVE to go to that next time I’m there, that would be so interesting! I highly encourage all American cookie research, please let me know your results. 😉

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