Looking for Goats?

So the other day my class decided to go visit a goat farm…

My printmaking teacher here has a soft spot for goats.  Thus a sketching field trip to a nearby farm was arranged.  We all piled into 2 large 9-person vans and set off through the mountains.  We got lost.  VERY LOST.  All of the tiny little backroads look the same and we found ourselves circling the same path through a rocky section of woods that I swear was no road.  Nobody around here has cell-phones so we were on our own.  All of the sudden this guy on a four-wheeler comes zooming into view in the distance.  We were debating asking for directions.  Or help.  But none of us speak very good French.  The four-wheeler guy stops though.  Looks at us and says………“Looking for goats?”

They came to find us [!]

And YES.  We are looking for goats.

The goats were of such an abundant number on this farm that I couldn’t even count them all.  And very friendly.  The one below, however, was kept in a pin to himself…

Their was also a few horses

We got to see where goat cheese was made.  One of my favorite cheeses, by the way.  And even got to purchase some that had been made in the past 24 hours.

View from the farm

One thing I learned from this goat sketching adventure…Apart from not under-estimating guys on four-wheelers when you are lost beyond the point of return….sketching is a rather challenging past time around animals who LOVE to eat paper.



  1. Aw, I love this kind of thing! Something about getting so close to animals and also seeing the source of your food – like goat cheese (yum yum, one of my favorites too!) – makes it really special 🙂

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