Fountain de Vaucluse

Fountain de Vaucluse is the city built around a river.  A beautiful lush river literally flows through the middle of town.

All of the algae makes the water glow with a mysterious magical green.

One of the main attractions here is an ancient paper mill.

Though they don’t distribute paper anymore they still make it, the way they did hundreds of years ago, to purchase on location.  Below are pieces of wood, powered by the water to pound the paper pulp.

After the paper museum I ate my first off the street nutella crepe.  OH how I will forever love crepes.



  1. I love that mystery green algae and the awesome paper mill! How amazing they keep the mill running, despite not distributing paper anymore, something to be said about doing stuff the old-timey way…

  2. I love how many bizarre little museums there are in France. I am living in the south – and it seems every little town in our vicinity has its own little museum – small, but guaranteed to have some very interesting artifacts. I am VERY excited to go and see the following museums (within 30 minutes drive from my home): the beret museum, the parachute museum, the jam museum, the ham museum among others. France is fantastic 😉 Gorgeous photos of the river by the way.

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