Paris ~ Day One

I feel like I have been so absent here.  A couple days ago I returned from a week long excursion to Paris.  It was a fabulous week of people, food, places, lots of walking and NO sleep.

I took a bus up to Avignon then a train from Avignon to Paris.  I emerged from the train station and out onto the streets of paris around 7:30 in the evening … and the view took my breath away.  All of the streets came to a point on their way to greet me and the perspective allowed me to see so much all at once.  We walked to the hotel from the station – a 30 minute walk – and I only wiped out once with all my luggage.  face first.  But totally played it off like nothing happened, maybe nobody even noticed…..

Our hotel had a fabulous location, 5 minutes from Notre Dame, AND this was the glorious view from the room.  Hold back your jealousy, very Paris-esque, I know.

The next morning we walked to the BNF – Bibliotheque Nationale de France – we had a meeting there to see some rare prints behind the scenes.







I couldn’t take any pictures but we were led to a back room filled with books.  Old books.  Really old books.  There we were shown real Rembrandt and Goya prints, along with some other artists.  These were the bees knees.  No glass, the actual prints right in front of your eyes.  It was SO cool.

My theme for the week in Paris was definitely taking a picture in every mirror in every museum or other place of great importance.  I didn’t even realize this till going back through all the photos.  I’m sure when I look back I will appreciate having done this.


Dinner that night was at a little cafe we walked upon.  Wine, water, bread….. steak tartar.  Not mine, by the way, but the girl next to me ordered it.  Raw egg on top and all.  She said it was really good, but I don’t think it’s my cup of tea.

I ordered a smoked salmon and avocado salad with a lemon dressing.

Now that’s more like it.





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