Paris ~ Day Two

The Louvre

Day two in Paris.  Overcast.  Grey.  I walked over to the Louvre to meet my class.


To all my fam all over the world.  I am posting a couple pics of myself in this magical city just for you.

The Louvre.  This museum is big.  A museum of epic proportions.



~ Inside ~

This place was so beautiful I don’t even think I can write an explanation for how I felt while experiencing it.  To be in a place so old, so full of history.  To see things I’ve only ever studied in books.  My roommate and I had one goal while we were here.  To find the Raft of Medusa.  Our search for this painting, and taking in what we saw on the way, took up the entire morning.  Give me a good two weeks and I might have this place covered.


Sit down.

Get comfy.

And I will take you through some of my favorite parts of the Louvre.


Venus de Milo










Can you find the Mona Lisa [?]  …Look really hard..


[sigh]  …  so beautiful

Another fav.  The Death of Sardanapolis



Hope you enjoyed the stroll through time.  Part II is next.


One comment

  1. Oh gosh, your photos get dreamier every time! Love that first shot and the one of you sitting on the wall (so sweet!) Thank you for that amazing Louvre tour, your post is making me want to be in Paris again. Gorgeous.

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