Welcome to the Paris Catacombs

I know my post of things more spooky is a bit late.  But does it ever really get old?  While in Paris I decided to go with a group to visit some of the old catacombs…After walking down a spiral staircase that felt like it would never end, we emerged into an underground tunnel…

It was very dark, very cold, and very damp

With very old dates, some from the 1500’s {!}

It was through one more dimly lit doorway…

and then we emerged into this

Millions upon millions upon millions of bones.  It was so hard to tell yourself that these were real.  I think we see so much violence in todays world that it felt like these were just props.

The bones were stacked from floor to ceiling on both sides of the narrow passageway.

Hope you had a lovely Halloween weekend !



  1. I have always always wanted to do this! Lucky you, I’m incredibly jealous! 😉 You take amazing photos, especially with the dim lighting (I struggle with nighttime shots, always).

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