Lets Take a Stroll Through Versailles

Or in my case a quick ~ 4 hour stroll.

Making it through the palace and grounds {!}

Getting their early on a Saturday morning the crowds weren’t that bad. I don’t want to imagine what summer is like…

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami had his work on exhibit all over the place.  At first I was a bit taken aback but came to really enjoy the contrast of old and new, rendered and shiny plastic, finding everything quite playful.

The one below was my all-time favorite

Every room had its own matching furniture set.  Color patterns and all.  The one thing I wish I had been able to do while visiting here is see all the private passages going through out the palace.  The exploring little kid in me peeking out.

The gardens were absolutely.  take your breath away.  stunning.

I felt like I was in a painting.

The soundtrack for Marie Antoinette was constantly playing in the back of my head.  I swear I recognized some spots..

This was my last day in Paris…  We weren’t even able to walk back through the gardens to the entrance, we had to take a tram then speed-walk to the train station.  If you were ever wondering what visiting Versailles would be like with your backpack (and by that I mean suitcase) I don’t recommend finding out.



  1. Your photos of the gardens actually *look* like a painting! So beautiful. I love that modern touch and pop of colour right in the middle of that grand ole hall. I can’t believe you did this with a suitcase (admittedly, I’ve done that kind of thing too :)) – you’re like a travel heroine!

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