Goodbye Dear France

You have been my home for these past

three months.

I have woken up in an ancient stone village every morning looking out my window to see the fog rolling over your mountainside…

I have walked through your valleys, down your dirt paths, and into your vineyards… I am more then positive nothing will ever top your grapes..

This has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget.  Tomorrow I set off back home.

Au revoir mon amour



  1. Oh, I can’t believe it – how time flies! Thanks for these beautiful, dreamy photos of a beautiful, dreamy 3 months. Good luck packing and wishing you safe, speedy travels!

  2. How lucky you are to have experienced France; especially the countryside that seems to be stuck in place from another time.

  3. Gorgeous, atmospheric photos! I just have been skimming through your blog and will definitely be back – we seem to have similar taste in food. I don’t know if you’re from California – but your style definitely parallels “California cuisine” 🙂 Sorry you are leaving France – where to next?

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