Sea Urchins. It’s What’s for Dinner .

YES.  Sea Urchins.

It’s what was for dinner.

This is a meal from a couple of months ago when I was living in Southern France.  We decided to try something new.  Live on the wild side.  Sea Urchins are a delicacy because of the effort it takes to collect them and the edible percentage per each sea urchin is rather small.  Have no fear, however, this was not all we dined on.

There was bread.  Lots of fresh bread.

AND.  Figs.

Beautiful figs.

These figs were picked off trees right outside where we were staying.  I don’t think I ever ate as much fresh fruit {off the tree fresh} as I did in France.

Diced and thrown into a hot skillet.  Add cloves.  Orange juice.  And other desirable spices.

The result will knock your socks off.

When everything becomes hot and bubbly perfection has been reached.  PROCEED to spread on fresh baguette or eat straight with a spoon.

But back to the prickly side of things.

Getting to the inside of a sea urchin was a more challenging endeavor then expected.

The edible parts of the sea urchin are located on the sides so you can’t just cut right in.  Their is a special tool just for this purpose but with nothing but scissors on hand we very carefully cut around the small circular opening on the urchin.  Once cut this small piece can be pulled out and the urchin drained.

After this we were able to cut the urchin open and in two.

The part of the sea urchin that you eat is commonly known as roe but is actually the organ of the urchin that produces the roe, or gonads.  They are small and light red in color.

Normally rinsed to remove any unwanted internal parts we put them in a bowl of freshly squeezed orange juice.  Slightly salty in flavor with the essence of the sea.

Whether you go home today and make a delicious hot fig spread or serve your family a plate of sea urchin gonads..

I wish you the best of luck.

Happy Holidays


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