Baked Butternut Squash

Let’s get our Squash ON

The new year has passed.  And now a million different events come into play.  The biggest of which will be finishing up college.  A very surreal time full of all sorts of crazy.

BUT lets get back to the squash at hand.

This particular butternut squash has been on my counter for what seems like forever.  Great shelf-life.

The most daunting aspect, however, is cutting it lengthwise before blissfuly leaving it to sit in the oven.

With a large knife in hand I approached the squash.  Placed it on its side and cut off the top tip with the stem.  I did not cut the bottom piece off but feel free to do so.

Then bringing the squash back to an upright position place the knife in the center and begin your decent downward.  It won’t be easy.  It will take many bouts of effort and a few choice words.  Some people use small plastic mallets and tap on either end of the knife.  Some people might be blessed with superior upper arm strength, in which case disregard the previous statements.

I am not one of those prized few.  But after a few minutes of careful cutting my squash lay in two beautiful halves on the counter.

With a spoon or other tool of your liking remove all the seeds and string-y insides.  SAVE THE SEEDS.  Put them in a small bowl.  Whatever you do, do not throw them away.  You will be grateful later, I promise.

Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees.  Use a large baking dish and pour enough oil into it to nicely coat the bottom.  I used grape seed oil, but olive oil amongst others would be more than fine.  I then rubbed a bit of oil onto all sides of the squash halves, sprinkled with salt and pepper, then placed flesh side down into the baking dish and into the oven it went.  Cook for around 40-50 minutes.  Until inside is tender.

Remove from oven and serve!  I sliced mine before sending it around the table and everyone ate all but the skin on their own plate.  It is so versatile and can be served with a variety of seasonings, mashed, or pureed.  But baked with a bit of salt and pepper is beyond divine 😉


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