Get Your Pom On

Pom Pom Pom

and more POM

Hi there. So New York has swallowed me whole.

In less then two months I have become one of the many captives of this crazy city.

Time passes differently here… within the blink of an eye three weeks can go by. Really. Just like that. In all seriousness I must manage my time a bit better. I have so many amazing recipes swimming around in my head and no time to act upon them.

The one thing I am doing lately, however, is eating pomegranates.

Lotsandlotsandlots. of pomegranates.

I passed a crate of them earlier in the week while at market and thought “aren’t these reaching the end of their season?…….and I haven’t had fresh pomegranate yet this year!……I HAVE  TO HAVE FRESH POMEGRANATE NOW!!!”

With a mindset that ice was coming to freeze the city over tomorrow this Georgia-girl bought almost the whole crate…..

so have no fear, I now have plenty of pomegranates.

There is something extremely stress-relieving about de-seeding a pomegranate. My roommates probably think I have lost my marbles, standing in the kitchen for at least a half-hour with my hands covered in deep magenta/red juice and the carcasses of fruit skins scattered over the counter……..all for a bowl of seeds.

But I find it oddly beautiful. These seeds are so tight, that you know they will burst with the slightest touch and you refrain from letting your teeth do just that so you can actually have something left to show for your labor once all is done.

Left to chill in the fridge for a few hours and I swear you will devour every last one within seconds.

I have been topping my morning yogurt with them, throwing them on top of salads, and had them in a ‘outofthisworld’ curry soup the other day that is one of my amazing recipes to come.

So quick, before winter is amongst us, GO! and get yourself a pomegranate.



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