The Taste of Spring

lentil ball 1

The first rays of sunshine have touched down in Manhattan. The weather last week may have been cold and snowy and today may be filled with rain and gloom…but you can feel the difference in the air. Spring is on its way and I can already see that picnic in the park in the not so distant future.

Believe it or not but this recipe for lentil ‘meatballs’ with Meyer lemon pesto was my first experience using the tart yet lovely Meyer lemon. Both of these recipes come from the amazing Sprouted Kitchen cook book. The blog has been a top favorite of mine for a very long time and I highly recommend their book (The photography is stunning) and trying out some of their tasty recipes. I used red lentils for they were all I had on hand and the fennel seeds in the ‘meatballs’ pair so perfectly with this warm and sunny pesto.

Cheers to the warm weather, it may not be here yet but it won’t be long ~

lentil ball 2


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